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Virtual Assistant – What are they?

A Virtual Assistant is a skilled professional who can accomplish a diverse range of tasks offshore such as; administrative, graphic design, event planning, social media management, marketing and advertising research for the benefit of small, medium and large companies.

Do I need to hire Virtual Assistant for my Business?


If you are concerned about your local employees who may avoid doing some tasks, hiring a Virtual Assistants is the next step for you.

As Michael Brodie said,

Australian Outsourcing Company
Virtual Assistants working for an Australian Outsourcing Company in Clark Philippines.

“For every task that you don’t like doing, there is a Virtual Assistants who does like doing it.”

VA’s can alleviate tasks and can help you focus more on your core business. With the help of technological advancements, communicating with your Virtual Assistants is easy, effortless and productive. For a larger range of Virtual Assistant tasks that can be outsourced offshore, check out  our services. Virtual Assistants are a major contributing factor in the reason outsourcing has increased in popularity and they have become assets to companies by delivering high quality work with efficiency.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is as beneficial as hiring a local employee because they can bring a new set of ideas that you might have missed, and the next thing you know, that idea of hiring virtual assistant has sparked a positive outcome on the company’s revenue.

Virtual Assistants come in several forms;

1) VA’s can work at their own convenience

2) They can work home-based on an hourly rate logging on and off

3) Work in an office-based outsourcing company

4) Anywhere they choose depending on how flexible their employer is



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