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Number One Australian Outsourcing Company

We help your business become more profitable through outsourcing. 

Outsourced HR Solution is an Australian Outsourcing Company or BPO that provides skilled staff offshore in Clark Philippines so Australian and New Zealand businesses can expand their workforce and shift back-office functions overseas. Your outsourced staff are dedicated to your business and because labor is cheaper in the Philippines, you can save between 40% to 65% on salaries compared to what you would pay on local salaries. Through Outsourcing Services you can hand over your back office work and focus on what you do best, make sales. Another advantage to having virtual staff is, increased productivity as they can focus on the tasks they are given. So if you are looking for a Virtual Assistant, Collections Officer, Copy Writer, Account Manager, Social Media Executive, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Graphic Designer, Lead Generator, Appointment Setter, Data Entry, Digital Marketing, Web Site Designer, or any other back-office staff, then OHRS can help you. Contact us today!

Bookkeeping, Accountants and CPA’s are hired offshore so you can focus on sales and development


Outsourcing your accounting team to the Philippines frees up your time to focus on sales and revenue activities while your Accountant, Bookkeeper or CPA takes care of your financials. 

Focus on Sales

Outsourcing allows you to delegate tasks.

When you outsource back-office functions like data entry, admin support, and social media management, you free up your time for sales-generating work.

You have more time to accommodate sales calls, close deals, and oversee operations.

Business Growth

Thinking of growing your business? Of course, who isn’t? The challenge with scaling your business is the high overhead expenses that come with it.

Outsourcing is your cost-effective solution. You can grow your team and accept more projects without the burden of expensive office space and salaries.

Grow. And be smart about it.

Do you want to know more about how outsourcing can help you?

Grow your business and enjoy higher profits.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

“I have been with OHRS for almost two years now. Forget what you think you know about Outsourcing, as these guys have raised the bar. The staff I have through OHRS have become a major part of my business. They not only consider themselves as staff on my team (we don’t use the word VA) but their employment is governed by the legislation of their country, so I know they are being looked after properly.

I am guaranteed, loyal, committed staff through OHRS that treat my business as their own, with the backup and support of a local Director on the ground who has my company’s best interest at heart. As a small business owner, it doesn’t get better than that!”

Leanne – Owner, Marketing Leap

“Our team has now grown from 2 initial offshore team members to now over 20 covering roles in Marketing, Tourism, Administration, Finance, IT Development and Account Management.

As a business new to outsourcing at the time, Tony Godbehere (Managing Director OHRS) ensured we completely understood how to get the best from our new team, including communication, training and task direction. This is an incredibly cost-effective solution for any business.

The productivity and qualification level of the team is equal to any of our Australian team members at a quarter of the cost. This strategy has enabled us to reduce our national Employee costs in excess of $1 million annually. Our offshore team in the Philippines is just an extension of our Bartercard family. “

Justine Oakhill – COO, Bartercard Australia

“We are now 1 year down the track and in this period we have had the confidence to not only grow our team but felt more than comfortable that Tony and his team were the right team to help us recruit our new members who are proving to be valuable team members of Same Day Printing and absolute assets to our business.  

I can confidently say the last 12 months has been a pleasure working with Tony, Alona and the OHRS team and it has been very, very smooth sailing when compared to the last couple of years with our previous BPO. My biggest regret is not biting the bullet and moving our team sooner when we started to experience ongoing challenges with the other BPO.

I personally don’t believe you will have any regrets in engaging Tony, Alona and the OHRS team as your offshore partner in the Philippines.

Tom Dickson – Owner & Director,

Same Day Printing

Tony Godbehere

Managing Director

Outsourced HR Solution

Book a free consultation call with Tony Godbehere. Do you need help figuring out how outsourcing fits with your business? Unsure about which tasks you can outsource? Any back-office function can be outsourced. For a more a detailed plan, schedule a consultation call with Tony. Tell him about your business and what you’re looking for. Together, you can find out what you can delegate to your offshore team. If you’d like to know more about how outsourcing works, what you need to do and how the set-up is, Tony can provide a clearer picture too. Fill in your details below and we’ll get in touch.