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Meet Some Of The People We Have Placed

We would like to introduce you to some of the professionals that Outsourced HR Solution has connected with our partners in Australia. Once we understand your business requirements, Outsourced HR Solution starts looking for the perfect employee fit for your business. We advertise, phone screen, conduct the first interviews in English and then send you the short list of potential candidates. We can then choose someone on your behalf or you can get involved in the final interview via video conference or phone so you choose your new team member.
Below are case studies of some of our successful clientele placements.

Ven Graphic Designer

Meet Ven, a graphic designer during the day. Her work includes conceptualising social media content and creating graphic materials. She loves to gather ideas from planning to executing and turn those ideas into visual graphics.

When she’s not in the office, you will see her watching Western series, playing games and she’s a fan of playing Ukulele (a small guitar or banjo with four strings). One interesting fact about her, she does wall climbing or bouldering (1 pie for now). How cool is that? ūüėä

Graphic Designer
Ven, an artistic and creative graphic designer on the team.

Jayson Remote Support Engineer

During the day Jayson supports his Australian clients whenever they have a computer issue. This is achieved by logging in to the client deck top, laptop, or server using remote access and assisting the client in fixing their computer.

At nighttime when he’s not working Jayson is a GAMER!! He loves battling it out with other gamers.

When you have computer issues, Jayson is the go to man to fix it

Brenda – Digital Marketing Specialist

During the day, Brenda is a Digital Marketing Specialist for a large digital marketing agency in Australia. She supports her client in planning and implementing digital marketing strategies and driving brand initiatives. What she loves the most about her work is managing clients’ Facebook posts and ads through planning, monitoring, and strategising. She’s always keen to come up with original ideas. She never gets bored working with different clients. At night, when Brenda is not working, you will see her in the gym and binge-watching at home. An interesting fact about her: she is an Opacarophile (a person who loves sunset the most).

Digital Marketing Specialist
Brenda stays up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing to ensure her client stays competitive.

Jeric – Web Developer

Jeric is a Web Developer that works for a large printing company in Victoria, Australia and is responsible for ensuring all of their systems are running like clockwork. His role includes web development across all of the company platforms, ensuring SEO is maximised, email marketing and graphic design. Some of the programs and tools he uses and knows are WordPress, PhP, JavaScript, Thrive Architect, DecoNetwork Business, PrintiQ, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Adobe Illustrator, XD and Photoshop.

Even when not in the office, Jeric works on House plans, 3D and Interior Designs Rendering, using Autocad Autodesk Architecture and 3D visualisation tool like Google Sketchup and Lumion 3D. But when he gets home every day, he loves playing guitar for 2 hours, spending time on social media and watching videos on YouTube.

outsourcing web development
Outsourcing Web Development is extremely popular with Australian businesses due to the highly skilled & qualified workers that are available in the Philippines.


Joylyn – Account Manager

Featured today is our very own Joylyn, or Joy as we call her. Joy is an Account Manager working for #Qoin for the Western Australian Team. Her role includes providing excellent after sales service to the merchants, making welcome calls when new Qoin members join, following up on clients’ directory listings and assisting in completing or updating their online information, prompting members to list items on the Qoin classifieds, advising on the latest Qoin pricing, advising of merchants they can trade with, assisting with the mobile phone application and answering any questions they might have, proactively making calls to stimulate transactions, recording call notes in the Qoin CRM, answering phone calls and assisting Qoin members with inquiries, assisting members to process a transaction, pay or get paid, sending daily or weekly reports to her Australian manager and more.

Mario – Graphic Designer

Mario Dahino is a graphic designer here at OHRS, working for a growing company in Australia. With a creative mind and 14 years of relevant industry experience, Mario brings passion, valuable skills, and professionalism to the team. His work is about communicating ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate viewers. And that includes creating visual concepts and designing advertisements, brochures, magazines, corporate reports and much more.

In his free time, Mario still satisfies his artistic mind through street photography and his adventurous side through mountain biking.

And here‚Äôs an interesting fact about Mario: he is a founding member of the Kapampangan photography group, ‚ÄúLitratistang Kapampangan‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒmore proof of his passion for the arts.

Graphic Designer
Outsourcing Graphic Design is a popular back-office administrative task that can be offshored for digital media, printing material and above the line advertising.

Corissa – Team Leader / Marketing Executive

During the day Risha is a Team Leader, she provides support and oversees her team, and works for an Australian client that has a printing and digital company. She’s making sure everything is on track, she’s also assigning tasks to the team and coming up with solutions for challenges. She loves working with the team, managing projects, onboarding, and training. When Risha is not working, she enjoys motorcycle riding and loves to cook and watch movies.


Team Leader / Marketing Executive
Risha is one of the team leaders who is reliable and professional.

Carl Product Researcher

Outsourced HR Solution would like to introduce Carl, our Researcher responsible for checking our clients health food products and supplements to ensure they comply with local laws and government food approvals.¬† Some of Carl’s tasks are; Competitor Analysis, Product Development, Product Analysis, Ingredient Acceptance, Country Analysis of Products, Comparison Reports, Price Checking, if Ingredients are FDA or other Regulatory Authority Approved, Prohibited or Restricted, etc……..

Carl has an impressive BPO history, which is why it is no surprise that he was able to impress his client with his researching abilities and detailed reports.

When Carl is not working, he enjoys playing basketball, and loves watching action, sci-fi, and horror movies with his family. Carl shared with us a little secret, he is very talented and creative and draws portraits and comic book characters. Carl is establishing a long-term partnership with his client and is looking forward to growing old with Outsourced HR Solution. We are delighted that Carl is part of the growing and dynamic OHRS team. Have fun working with us Carl!

Offshore Researcher at Top Australian BPO
Research and product analysis can also be offshored through a BPO. If you’re looking to introduce new products into an overseas market, you really need to do your homework.


OHRS would like to introduce April, Trade Coordinator for Bartercard South Gold Coast. April is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has spent the last 10 years teaching at an ISO certified school, teaching Bookkeeping and Computer Secretarial as well as supervise different departments including the curricular activities of the school.

April joined OHRS to diversify her career and work for an international company. Working and living in the Philippines, April’s role is to support and help the Bartercard South Gold Coast to trade and service their client base.