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Outsourcing in the Philippines?

The Question Is: Why do BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Companies choose to hire Filipinos for their offshore staffing needs?

Outsourcing in the Philippines remains in the number 1 crowned position as the “BPO Capital of the World” and continues to be the home of many BPO companies in the Philippines and is growing, consistently attracting new foreign investors and even more so these days as the Philippine Government or DICT has given their commitment to support the country to develop and grow this sector.

In this blog we review the question, why do Australian & New Zealand Companies choose to Outsource to the Philippines and hire Filipinos for their BPO staffing needs?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. English Proficiency

Filipinos are fluent in English and has become one of their largest assets and attractions for investing companies interested in the Philippines, especially with their neutral English accent. Foreign investors have seen this as a big advantage to hire Filipinos over other countries as they can speak very clearly, hence one of the big contributors to the success of Offshoring or Outsourcing in the Philippines. As per the BBC, the Philippines has a reputation as world’s budget English teacher to the point that countries like Japan and South Korea send their students to the Philippines to learn English or via online ESL (English Second Language) classes. This goes to show how the country earned its place and retains its number one spot in the BPO industry.

Virtual Assistant in the Philippines
Virtual Assistants and Administration Support is one of the most popular outsourcing roles as it frees up your time to focus on increasing revenue or sales.
  1. Western Management & Culture

Being the home and colony of the US for five decades, the Philippines attracted people from all over the world of mixed nationalities. As a result, Filipinos are very aware of the western culture which is one of the key ingredients in dealing with foreign customers. It is well known that Westerners are experts at mingling with foreigners and developing long-term relationships and Filipinos have observed and learnt from this which gives them an edge when they encounter foreigners in their everyday lives. The link between countries grew much stronger because of Offshoring in the Philippines. Another key ingredient is that many of the Business Process Outsourcing companies operated and managed by Westerners, who operate their business in the same manner as if they were in Australia.

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Outsourced HR Solution is owned and managed by Australian’s and operated using Australian Management styles.
  1. Filipinos are Naturally Friendly 

Anyone that has visited the country will tell you that Filipinos are very well known for their friendly and hospitable traits and is one of the reasons they get along so well with foreigners. Their welcoming nature has opened the door to BPO’s in the Philippines because of the effortless nature of Filipinos to establish good rapport between their customers and clients. Filipino’s are naturally amicable, polite and helpful, thus making the Philippines a top customer service destination for any business that wants to retain relationships and create loyal customers for their outsourcing company.

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Work Life balance is the key to a successful outsourcing team.

4. Did you know that Filipinos are very Hardworking?

In addition to being naturally friendly, everyone will tell you that Filipinos are notoriously famous for being hard-working & able to multi-task. Filipinos are dedicated to learning new things and once they are trained, they over-deliver. Another popular reason to outsource to the Philippines is access to a large and expandable talent pool of educated, and qualified people, so whether it you are an established business or a start-up, Outsourcing to the Philippines is a great idea.

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Filipinos and notoriously well known for being hard workers and able to multi-task.

5. Filipinos are Open and Adaptable to Change 

A major advantage and reason why Outsourcing in the Philippines has grown so much in popularity is, work is made easier by Filipinos. A known trait of Filipinos that has resulted in harmonious work with foreigners is their ability to welcome and embrace change, plus Filipinos are known for their perseverance, especially when it comes to learning new tasks that will expand their skill set. They also openly accept tasks that may be difficult to fulfill locally.

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Training is another key ingredient to ensure your team stay active, involved and their skills are sharpened.

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Virtual Assistants and Administration support is one of the most popular outsourcing roles.