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Business Owners: Save $60,000.00+ Per Year

Save $60,000.00+ Per Year With Professional Staff

It's the secret that Fortune 500 companies have been doing for years. You can save 60% to 70% on salaries, save on taxes and super and you can avoid higher overhead expenses: rent, electricity, workspace maintenance and office supplies. The secret is outsourcing

Graphic designer working at OHRS office.

Do you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You're a start-up, a small business, and you have yet to build a packed, impressive portfolio. Because of that, you can't charge clients high rates. And now you're struggling to keep up with the monthly expenses. You desperately need to improve your cash flow: you need more money coming in relative to the money going out.
  • You are closing more and more projects (hooray!), but that also means there's much more work for you to do. Suddenly, the workload is a bit overwhelming. There's just too much to do. You need more people in your team to help you accomplish orders on time.
  • You've been in the business for years and you're thinking of scaling your company. You want to grow and offer your services to more cities or maybe even the whole country. But the thought of salaries and other expenses is making you hesitate. They're too expensive and you worry about your business's profitability.

If yes, then it's time you outsource graphic design. Let other skilled professionals do the design work, so that you can focus on generating more sales for your business. You are, after all, the best salesperson for your business. And the offshore graphic designers you will be hiring are experts at what they do.

How does outsourcing work and how does it save on salaries?

Outsourcing simply means you let people outside your organisation do some of the tasks in your business. In this case, if you own a printing company, media company or a marketing agency, you can let other qualified, skilled people do graphic design work for you. What's more, you can hire an offshore staff at a fraction of what you'd pay for if you were to hire locally.

You might be asking: How is that possible? How can others settle for lower salaries? Does it affect the quality of work?

Salaries and the cost of living in other countries are much lower than in Australia. Most people in the Philippines don't need as much for their day-to-day expenses, so they are able to live comfortably with lower salaries than what we're accustomed to in Australia.

That's why their rates are more competitive. You don't need to worry about sacrificing the quality of work. Offshore staff are just as skilled and qualified. In fact, the Philippines houses a large pool of awesome Virtual Assistants with different skill sets.

Let's look at your cost savings in detail.

Expenses in hiring locally:

  • Salaries
  • Super
  • Taxes
  • Office space
  • Recruitment

Savings in hiring offshore:

  • Salaries (save around 2/3)
  • Super is covered
  • Tax free
  • Save on office and floor space
  • Onboarding FREE for Small Business Expo partners

While hiring offshore still requires an investment, you will save on salaries, taxes, office space and onging running costs as offshore staff removes many of these local expenses. On salaries alone, an offshore staff person will cost you 60% to 70% less. Taxes and other obligatory contributions in the Philippines are only a fraction of Australian taxes and super and are included in the fixed monthly fee.

You save on office space too. Imagine hiring 3 more graphic designers in your local office. You'll need to add around 9 sqm of office space per person, more supplies and other expenses. And if you think you'll be continuously growing (of course you are!), then you'll have to hire more people and invest in a bigger office in the future. This also comes with higher overhead expenses for you: rent, electricity, water and supplies. If you partner with us, we'll take care of this and make sure your team is comforatable. Let us take care of the office space and expenses for you.

Recruitment can also be costly. Time spent on interviews and emails plus the energy exerted in finding that perfect fit - you can avoid these as we look after the recruitment process. We find the right person you're looking for based on the tasks you want your offshore person to accomplish. We screen the candidates ourselves, conduct first interviews and make sure you are presented with qualified, skilled professionals. You even have the option to have an interview with your new team member via video conference or phone prior to them starting. This way you get to make sure they are the right fit for you, your team and the business.  

Graphic designers hard at work.
Graphic designer working.

How's your relationship with your offshore team?

They are 100% dedicated to you.

They don't juggle between clients. This allows them to focus on the work you need done, and understand your company deeply. This also gives you control over project timelines and priority orders.

You will have direct contact and interaction with them, as if they are in the office next door.

With various tools available today like Skype, Slack, Zoom and others, team communication and collaboration no longer needs to be face-to-face. They can be done online. Phone calls and video conferences are also easy to setup. And with our fiber internet connection, these interactions run smoothly and seamlessly.

All staff are office-based and educated with degrees.

You get peace of mind knowing that your offshore team is doing the work.  They are qualified professionals who understand design principles and are able to turn job orders into quality output.

Hear what our clients have to say:

"I have been with OHRS for almost two years now. Forget what you think you know about Outsourcing, as these guys have raised the bar. The staff I have through OHRS have become a major part of my business. They not only consider themselves as staff on my team (we don't use the word VA) but their employment is governed by the legislation of their country, so I know they are being looked after properly. I am guaranteed, loyal, committed staff through OHRS that treat my business as their own, with the backup and support of a local Director on the ground who has my company's best interest at heart. As a small business owner, it doesn't get better than that!"

Leanne - Owner, Marketing Leap


"Our team has now grown from 2 initial offshore team members to now over 20 covering roles in Marketing, Tourism, Administration, Finance, IT Development and Account Management.

As a business new to outsourcing at the time, Tony Godbehere (Managing Director OHRS) ensured we completely understood how to get the best from our new team, including communication, training and task direction. This is an incredibly cost-effective solution for any business.

The productivity and qualification level of the team is equal to any of our Australian team members at a quarter of the cost. This strategy has enabled us to reduce our national Employee costs in excess of $1 million annually. Our offshore team in the Philippines is just an extension of our Bartercard family. "

Justine Oakhill - COO, Bartercard Australia

Same Day Printing logo

We are now 1 year down the track and in this period we have had the confidence to not only grow our team but felt more than comfortable that Tony and his team were the right team to help us recruit our new members who are proving to be valuable team members of Same Day Printing and absolute assets to our business.  

I can confidently say the last 12 months has been a pleasure working with Tony, Alona and the OHRS team and it has been very, very smooth sailing when compared to the last couple of years with our previous BPO. My biggest regret is not biting the bullet and moving our team sooner when we started to experience ongoing challenges with the other BPO.

I personally don't believe you will have any regrets in engaging Tony, Alona and the OHRS team as your offshore partner in the Philippines.

Tom Dickson - Owner & Director,

Same Day Printing

Tony Godbehere

Managing Director

Outsourced HR Solution

Start outsourcing today or ask us any questions you might have.

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