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The Culture of a Top Australian Outsourcing or BPO Company

BPO Company Culture

Are you planning to engage in outsourcing for your business? Or are you planning to work in the BPO Industry? Or are you curious about what it’s like to work for a BPO company and perhaps you’ve seen one while in transit on the way to work or know someone in the industry? The decision to work for a BPO could be a bit overwhelming especially if you don’t have any idea about the processes and technicalities of the BPO industry. The first step you might want to consider is, to check on the working culture of a BPO Company.

Virtual Assistants
Virtual Assistants offshore working at desk.

For the record, all BPOs have different company cultures and the same thing goes with call center companies. Call center companies have a much faster pace of work and environment compared with BPO companies, because most of Call Center tasks are revolving mostly on sales, collection and after sales support. Call Centers also have a far higher staff turn-over rate as staff burn out quickly in call centers. On the other hand, the BPO company culture differs from one company to another and is based on the company policy, management and working environment.

It is not surprising to see the growing number of Australian BPO Companies here in the Philippines for the past couple of years. Outsourcing has been favorable to the Philippine economy as there are increasing employment opportunities for the locals. But when job hunters see work that are “virtually” related, they start to visualize themselves with the stereotypical notions relating to the Call Center work culture. This is the primary reason why some people do not engage themselves in outsourcing companies. In this article, we will talk about the misconceptions and describe what it really feels to work in the BPO company.

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Here are the reasons and work culture surrounding good BPO companies.

Offshore emplyees
How to be a Top Australian Outsourcing Company – look after your staff.

Office setting is relaxing and conducive for productivity.

Working foreign clients requires focus. This famous culture of a BPO company is having a relaxing work ambiance which is conducive to learning and productivity. As you are working as an extension of the office of your client, you need to be able to focus on their tasks and not be distracted by hundreds of people on the telephone. A BPO provide such an environment.

Positive attitude is a requirement.

Employees in BPO Companies should be hand picked as they are looking for people with the with the “right attitudes” and “Skills”. After all, a positive working environment starts with positive employees. Imagine how harmonious your relationship will be between your company and your client if you all have energetic and passionate employees. It is a win-win situation for both parties. BPO’s take their time and employee the people for the tasks.  

Outsourced Staff Virtual Assistants
Celebrating birthdays is key to creating the right work environment.

Work-life balance

As cliché as it may sound, BPO companies prioritize work-life balance BPO employees have a fixed working schedule from Monday-Friday and have weekends off. This is a big factor in maintaining the offshore employees welfare and keep them inspired and motivated to work.

Pradera Verd
Getting together outside of the office for a bit of wake boarding at Pradera Verde

Work hard, play harder culture

In a BPO Company it’s not always work, work and work. Employers make sure that their staff have a break in between working days. For example, some employers treat their staff to leisure outings such as trip to the beach, BBQ, attend events and parties or a simple lunch or dinner out of the office. It’s just like going out with your friends. The BPO company culture also practices 15 minutes break time twice a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. It’s not all business, employees are treated as family and above all, human beings.

Support system

Since BPO companies are promoting a positive working environment, there is no room for negativities or energy suckers. The success of one is the success of everyone. Starting from the co-employees up to the big bosses. Receiving support is just what will keep you going and striving to achieve the best version of yourself. You will be surprised to see that kind of support with your boss and with your co-employees when you start working with a BPO company. One of the things that is also very important with a BPO, especially if it’s run by foreigners, is the open door policy to senior management. The staff need to know and feel that they have support from all levels.

Andrew Federowsky Training
Support and training is key to business success.
Tony Godbehere Training
Ongoing training and support is the key to success and growth.

Communication Skills

Filipinos are one of the highest sort after workers in the BPO industry because of their fluency in English, dedication to hard work and self improvement. They are also famous because of their innate empathy and hospitality which makes it easy for them to engage easily in conversations. These characteristics of Filipinos have been the reason why BPO firms see them as a top choice for employment and engagement.



One of the accustomed practices of an Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Company is for the employees to be able to work with minimal supervision and be self managed. BPO employers make sure they check on their employees every once in a while see if they need help, whether they are given too much work or if they have enough work on and they never feel alone. BPO companies are employee-focused and know how to strengthen employee relations and ensure what’s best for their employees.


It’s not always about money that employees work in a company, but it helps. In addition to all of the benefits we have listed above, the other factor that is making working in a BPO Company so appealing is, the salaries are higher in a BPO than working for local businesses. Put all of these things together and you’ll see why so many good people are turning to the BPO industry for work.  And then there are spot incentive for which the industry are famous for.


Account Manager receives spot incentive
Outsourced Staff Getting Incentive


These are some of the reasons why the BPO company culture is so enticing, dynamic, rewarding and fun. Working in a BPO company is much more than the misconceptions that some of the public have, outsourcing employees became famous because of its benefits both in a business perspective and from an employee’s perspective as well. The BPO company culture is attached to delivering maximum productivity, strengthening employee’s strong points while having fun on the side. It is not all about business, employees are given equal opportunities for their career growth and for their personal well-being.

Written by Czarina Quiwa

Social Media Executive

Co edited by Tony Godbehere