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Special offer for Small Business Expo partners, FREE on boarding & recruitment fee.

You’re reached this page because you are a partner of Small Business Expos and we have a great offer for you – Free on-boarding and sett up fees. That’s right, we are offering for a limited time only, to waive the upfront set up fees just for Small Business Expos.

Outsourcing back-office administrative tasks to the Philippines increase your business profits as offshore staff saves you 2/3 or more of what you’d pay if you hired a local staff member. To date, most businesses believe that outsourcing is for large multinationals or fortune 500 companies with huge budgets and the capability to construct entire offices overseas. This use to be the case until BPO’s or Business Process Outsourcing companies started providing offshore services to Small, Medium and Large enterprises. Now you can take advantage of outsourcing.

Graphic Designers Outsourced HR Solution
Graphic Designers hard at work meeting deadlines.

You can grow your team and by having dedicated and qualified staff working in the Philippines at a fraction of what it costs to hire locally. To be successful, businesses need to bring in new business, retain current clients and saving on direct costs. Outsourcing staff can mean the difference between being in the red or black.

The befits of Outsourcing;

  1. Save on office space.
  2. Dedicated staff – meaning “they only work for you”.
  3. Increased productivity as your offshore staff do not have the interruptions that local staff have.
  4. Save around 2/3 or more on what it costs to employ locally.
  5. All staff are office based and educated with degrees.
  6. Owned and operated by Australian’s in both Australia and the Philippines.
  7. Direct contact & interaction with your offshore staff “as if they are in the office next door”.

Any back-office administrative task that does not require face to face meetings can be outsourced. Here are just some of the tasks that can be outsourced.

Graphic Design, Account Management, Virtual Assistant, Collections, Content Writing, Social Media Executive, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Lead Generation, Administration Support, Chat Support, Digital Marketing, Data Entry, Web Site Design, SEO, Mortgage Processing, and more.

New to outsourcing and want to find out more information, that’s perfectly OK, we’re here to help. Contact Tony on 07 5613 2325 or email on

Tony Godbehere Outsourced HR Solution
Tony Godbehere – Managing Director Outsourced HR Solution