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Outsourcing Has Increased in Popularity

Outsourcing companies have become increasingly popular for small, medium and large companies that want to save cash and grow their team. Offshore employees solves both of these important business areas with the Philippines becoming the number 1 destination of choice when it comes to the outsourcing industry. It is certain that outsourcing has helped small and medium businesses over the past few years to grow their business and profits, something that use to be only done or accessible by larger corporations. Australian Outsourcing Companies in particular have increased in numbers and are providing the opportunity to save on overheads and increase staff without the need to look for larger offices.

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So why are Australian Outsourcing Company’s trendy?

Australian Outsourcing Company
Australian Outsourcing Company – Collections Officer. BPO Outsourcing in the Philippines.

1. How Companies Offshore Cut Costs.

Outsourcing became trendy as it has a direct link to saving costs and increasing company profits. Organizations and businesses opt to outsource employees as it saves time on recruitment, training and costs less. According to research, 78% of businesses around the world are extremely satisfied with the relationship between their internal staff and the staff of the outsourcing company. Instead of looking for expensive ways to expand your business, think outside of the box and engage in the services of an Outsourcing Company as they can provide competent people that provide high quality work, support and service.

2. Need More Office Space for New Employees?

Offshoring Virtual Assistants provides you with employees that work in a pleasant working environment for a fraction of what you’d pay on local salaries. Another important factor in engaging with an offshore company is, you also save on office space. The true cost of recruiting extends way past the monthly salary, there is locally advertising, paying the fees of a recruitment company, time in screening, interviewing and training, plus you have to set them up with office space, desk, chair, computer, etc. Outsourcing saves time and money and the money you save by outsourcing can be put into better use locally to increase sales. The benefits of the outsourcing are; a) reduce efforts b) save time c) save cost d) improved efficiency and e) increase profits. Offshoring your employees cost about 1/3 of what you’d pay on local salaries.

3. How Offshoring Maximises Productivity

Is taking on additional workload and spreading it amongst your team the best way to maximise productivity? Or does it create the opposite and drive employees to look for alternate work because they are overworked and stressed out? This habit affects the quality of work as well as have an effect on the employee’s credibility and self-esteem. So instead of increasing your existing employees workload, why not delegate back-office tasks to an outsourcing company so you can focus on what you do best and that’s SELL. Outsourcing Offshore Staff is a win-win situation and communicating with your offshore employee has never been easier with the massive advancements in technology, as if your staff are in the next room. Outsourced staff are an extension of your business, the only difference is, they are not physically sitting with you. And because your offshore staff are overseas and not distracted with local issues that crop up, their work output and productivity tends to be higher than locally based staff.

4. A New Business Tasks That Has Been Added in Recent Years – Social Media

A new business tasks that has arisen as a company “must-do” is Social Media. Keeping up to date with fresh stories, articles, pictures
Offshore Staff at Outsourced HR Solution. Account Manager, Virtual Assistant, BPO.

and posts on the wide variety of social media platforms can be very overwhelming. The truth is, Social Media management has become an absolute must do task for companies to streamline their strategic marketing campaigns and promote their band image across all social media platforms, plus it’s needed to keep up the Google and Search ratings. Many companies simply do not have the experience or resources to add social media management to their internal to-do-list. Local marketing agencies are very expensive and this is why more and more companies are Outsourcing Social Media. Australian Businesses can Outsource this task can employ a “full time” Social Media Executive for the same cost or less than engaging with a local marketing company. Outsourcing is as fantastic alternative to managing and executing your Social Media plan because the offshore staff member is 100% dedicated to you and your business and can also take on additional Virtual Assistant tasks.


5. Would You Like to Focus More on Generating Sales?

– Do you own a large, medium or small business and getting bogged down with back-office-admin-tasks?
– Are your sales effected by administrative work?
As your administrative work increases, you may find yourself working in the business rather than on the business. We all know that sales drive a company and although administrative work is important and absolutely has to be done, too much admin can affect the new revenue potential of the business. We all need to monitor and be mindful of the amount of admin work you are doing verses how much energy you are spending on generating new business.

Imagine you are tasked to do the accounting, marketing campaigns and bring in sales. Ask yourself, do you really need to do these tasks on your own, or is there another way so I can target new sales. That’s where outsourcing company comes in to play as it provides access to highly-skilled professionals that can take care of your back-office admin work while you get busy generating income. After all, local staff also need micro managing, whereas outsourcing shifts micro to macro management as your outsourced staff are self-managed and are managed locally by the Outsourcing Company.

Benefits of Outsourcing.

  1.  Save up to two thirds on what you’d pay on local salaries.
  2.  Free up time to focus on sales or revenue generating activities.
  3. Save on recruitment fees.
  4.  Reduce office space.
  5. Expand / Grow your team.
  6. Access to a large pool of talented and qualified people.
  7.  Reduce overheads.
  8.  Increased profit.

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