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Outsourcing – Is it good or bad for the Australian economy?

As with everything in life, it’s how you look at things that makes the difference. Is the cup “half empty” or “half full”, are you “not bad” first thing in the morning or “fantastic, doing great”?

It’s very easy to comment that outsourcing is taking away local jobs, but is it really? Let’s look at offshoring from the angle of how it helps the local economy, putting outsourcing into a positive perspective. And don’t forget, just about every large corporation in the world outsources something in their organization. By having an open mind and moving away from the traditional business model, you can easily start earning a lot more income and gain the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

Using the example of a digital marketing company or an accounting firm. To date you’ve been doing everything yourself, getting sales, doing the work, updating your own social media, taking calls, servicing your clients, etc. You have the opportunity to pick up more work but you’re already working 7 days a week and simply do not have the time to take on more responsibility, nor do you have the budget to pay local salaries, so how do you grow to the next level? The result is; your business stagnates, stays where it is and does not grow.

Let’s hire an accountant or digital marketer offshore. Firstly, offshoring costs about 1/3 of what you’d pay on local salaries, which means you can take on that additional business you’ve been to busy to handle. Secondly, you can shift back-office functions off shore and free up your time to focus on revenue generating activities.

Outsourcing enables you to take on new work, grow your business and increase your income. This means you have more cash to spend with local vendors which stimulates the economy, plus you’ll be paying more taxes to the government while increasing your profit.Offshoring helps businesses get to that next level and eventually employ more people locally. In summary, by expanding your back-office team offshore, you generate more revenue, which improves profits and stimulate the economy.

Another powerful point to note is, your outsourced staff are sitting behind a desk working for you for 8 hours a day, they are not out of the office attending meetings or being interrupted with crisis issues that crop up, they sit there all day producing, which means the level of output is much higher in a lot of cases than local employees who tend to be reactive to client requests.

Services that can be outsourced are;
Offshore Staff at Outsourced HR Solution. Collections Officer, Account Manager, Virtual Assistant, BPO.

Here are some few example of tasks that can be outsourced:

Accounting & Finance, Administration Support, Appointment Setter, Architect, Analyst, Bookkeeping, Chat Support, Collection & Debt Recovery, Content Writer, Customer Service, Data Entry & Processing, Digital Marketing, Drafter, Engineering, Estimator, Graphic Design, Human Resources, Insurance, Information Technology, Lead Generator, Legal Support, Loan Processor, Mobile App Developer, Office Support, Payroll,  Quantity Surveyor, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Software Development, Telemarketing, Virtual Assistants, Web Site Designer and more.