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Lead Generator & Appointment Setter

Do you have the time to be a Lead Generator & Appointment Setter to call prospects to make appointments? This is a very time-consuming job, yet an extremely critical task to grow the business.

Lead Generating and Appointment Setting has become a very popular item to outsource. Lead Generators and Appointments setters come in different shapes and sizes and can be both voice and none voice. By outsourcing this task, you and your team can focus on generating income rather that walking the street looking for people to pitch to.

Lead Generator Appointment Setter
Lead Generating and Appointment Setting has become a very popular item to outsource offshore.

There are several kinds of lead generators, here are the options.

1. Lead Generator and Appointment Setter – (Voice).

The voice Lead Generator will research leads and call prospects and make appointments on behalf of the Management or sales team.

2. Appointment Setter (Voice 2).

In this case, the company would provide leads and the appointment setter would make appointments on behalf of our partner in Australia.

3. Lead Generator (None voice).

This person spends their day researching decision makers at the level you need and sending the list of leads over to your team to make their own appointments. This is usually the case when a team member wants to introduce the company themselves and be the one that delivers the presentation.

4. Lead Generator & Appointment Setter (None Voice – 2).

This person finds leads at the right level and sends personalized introduction emails. They also have rebuttal emails that they send based on the prospects reply. Once they get a bite from a prospect, they hand the leads over to the MD or sales guys.

You have direct communication with your offshore Lead Gen & Appointment Setter as an extension of your team and with technology like it is today, communicating is as easy as if they were in the next room.

Our business model is; each one of the offshore staff only works with one client and one client only. Meaning, you would have a dedicated staff member that is generating new leads to help your business grow. So whatever type of Lead Generator you are looking for, Outsourced HR Solution can help you.