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Meet Some Of The People We Have Placed

We would like to introduce you to some of the professionals that Outsourced HR Solution has connected with our partners in Australia. Once we understand your business requirements, Outsourced HR Solution starts looking for the perfect employee fit for your business. We advertise, phone screen, conduct the first interviews in English and then send you the short list of potential candidates. We can then choose someone on your behalf or you can get involved in the final interview via video conference or phone so you choose your new team member.
Below are case studies of some of our successful clientele placements.

Joylyn – Tourism and Travel Coordinator

Joylyn joined the Bartercard family a few months ago. She’s a Tourism and Travel Coordinator—sounds fun, but it takes a focused person to do the job. And Joylyn’s just the right fit, with her professional attitude and 9 years of relevant experience. She’s responsible for making reservations for Bartercard members, and that means she’s almost always on a call coordinating travel arrangements.

When she’s not in the office, she’s probably watching The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. She watches them over and over!

When you see her around, don’t mistake her for shy and quiet. She might not look it sometimes, but she’s a warm, generous, outgoing and a very helpful person.

Christiana – Marketing Coordinator

This is Christiana Tinio, or Chin as we call her. Chin works for Bartercard as a Marketing Coordinator. She is responsible for graphic design and conceptualisation of vouchers and other promotions, design and layout, and execution of newsletters through Mailchimp.

She is quite the artist. When not in the office, she busies herself with watching films, painting, and drawing. And she loves working on DIY projects.

“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.” That’s what she said when asked about a quote she lives by. And with that attitude, she will definitely accomplish great things. Good luck on your lifelong journey, Chin, and thanks for choosing to be part of the OHRS family. 😊

Mario – Graphic Designer

Mario Dahino, Graphic Designer at OHRS

Mario Dahino is a graphic designer here at OHRS, working for a growing company in Australia. With a creative mind and 14 years of relevant industry experience, Mario brings passion, valuable skills, and professionalism to the team. His work is about communicating ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate viewers. And that includes creating visual concepts and designing advertisements, brochures, magazines, corporate reports and much more.

In his free time, Mario still satisfies his artistic mind through street photography and his adventurous side through mountain biking.

And here’s an interesting fact about Mario: he is a founding member of the Kapampangan photography group, “Litratistang Kapampangan”—more proof of his passion for the arts.

Corissa – Marketing Assistant

This is Corissa Yosuico, or Risha as we call her. Working as a Marketing Assistant, her duties include creating interesting content for the client’s website and engaging social media posts, looking after the company’s live chat, assisting with inquiries, managing their InfusionSoft account, and creating other Marketing content.

That sounds overwhelming, but she handles it with grace. With her experience in management, events organising, marketing, advertising, hosting, and content writing, she’s got the skills and the right attitude to juggle all the tasks.

And she still gets her free time. When’s she not at work, you’ll see her busy with videography, photography, CrossFit, and motorcycle riding—how cool is that?

Sean Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Hi there, meet Sean. Sean is one of the four offshore graphic designers working for Bartercard Australia. Sean has a degree in Information Technology majoring in Web Development and has two-years experience in graphic designing. Sean honed his skills while working in his previous companies before he decided to join the Outsourced HR Solution team. Sean is responsible for handling new designs for anything that is Bartercard branded such as posters, website adverts, power point presentations, signage, and invitations including creatives.

When Sean is not in the office or during weekends, he loves to play basketball, watch movies, YouTube, and spend time with his family. He also loves photography, video editing, creating posters, especially for typography. And yes, he is an animal lover that loves dogs.

Jena – Account Manager

Outsourced Virtual Assistant

We would like to introduce Jenina, or Jena as she likes to be called . Jena is a Gemini and loves spending time on the internet, travelling, eating good food, listening to music, watching horror movies and American series and documentaries. Jena has a very positive outgoing personality and brings a little sunshine to the office.

Jena is working for the Bartercard South Gold Coast office as an Account Manager looking after a port folio of clients where her job is to help those clients trade through the network. Jena has a long history of customer service and has even worked for three years handling lost baggage and making even the most difficult clients happy again.

Mark – Account Manager

Virtual Account Manager

Hi everyone, we’d like to introduce Mark who is working with us as an Account Manager.

Mark is working with a national Australian company as an Account Manager, taking care of a portfolio of clients throughout Queensland. Mark has been working with Australian companies providing excellent customer service and lead generation for over 5 years. Mark has also spent a number of years studying and working in Australia, which gives him a fantastic edge.

Mark is very active and talented in his private life and enjoys photography, playing the piano, recording music, watching movies and loves new challenges – Bring it on!

We wish Mark the very best, welcome him to the team and we look forward to a long and prosperous career with Outsourced HR Solution.

Jennifer – Account Manager

Account Manager Offshore Jennifer

Outsourced HR Solution would like to introduce you to Jennifer. Jennifer has been working in the BPO industry for quite some time now and brings to the table a wide variety of experience from being a sales agent, providing excellent technical support, customer support and even telemarketer. Jennifer was so successful at what she does she eventually became a Team Leader.

Jennifer has been employed to work as an Account Manager for a national company in Australia to look after a portfolio of members. Jennifer’s background in the BPO industry has been an ideal environment to prepare Jennifer for the Account Manager role and looks forward to a long tern career working for her Australian employer. Welcome to the team Jenn.

Dan Collections Officer Offshore

Outsourced Collections Office Offshore

Meet Dan, Outsourced HR Solution’s Collections Officer. Dan’s working experience has been in the BPO industry for quite a number of years, starting as a Customer Sales Representative, then Technical Support and Quality Analyst until working his way up to be a Collections Officer. Collecting money from delinquent accounts is a quite a challenging role as you can imagine, especially because clients are not always calm, yet you need to remain calm. It takes a special kind of person to be a successful recoveries officer as you need to be able to listen to your clients, stay cool, negotiate and collect overdrawn amounts from both individuals and businesses owners, and Dan certainly has these qualities.
On the other side, when Dan is outside the office, he enjoys watching TV, Hip Hop, dancing and singing. We would like to welcome Dan to OHRS Team!

Francis Web Developer

Web Designer Outsourcing

Outsourced HR Solution would like to introduce you to Francis. Francis has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and is working with a Marketing Company on the Gold Coast in Australia and is responsible for designing, coding and updating multiple company websites. The role includes creating codes to make the websites functional and match the branding set by the company.

Francis loves surfing the internet and playing computer games during weekends. Francis previously worked as a web designer for an interior manufacturing company and wanted to continuously hone his skills and knowledge in website designing. Welcome aboard Francis, we wish you the best of luck!

Carlo Customer Service

Customer Service Agent

Outsourced HR Solution would like to introduce Carlo, our Customer Service Associate and Appointment Setter. Carlo is working for a publicly listed dental corporation in Australia and is responsible for connecting with clients and setting dental appointments, re-marketing and assisting with customer queries. Carlo has an impressive BPO history which is why it is no surprise that he was able to impress his client with his phone handling skills.

Carlo enjoys playing basketball, and loves watching action, sci-fi, and horror movies with his family during day offs. Carlo shared with us a little secret, he is very talented and creative and draws portraits and comic book characters. Carlo wants to establish a long-term partnership with his client and is looking forward to growing old with OHRS. We are delighted that Carlo is part of the growing and dynamic OHRS team. Have fun working with us Carlo!


Top Australian Outsourcing Company

We would like to introduce you to Czarina. Czarina is our Social Media and Loyalty Executive working with a large company on the Gold Coast, Australia and is responsible for administering the company’s loyalty program and managing their day-to-day social media marketing campaigns. This includes assisting with queries relating to points earning and redemption, updating social media platforms and the upkeep of the loyalty program.

Czarina has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, so it’s no wonder that she loves writing blogs, reading novels, watching movies and listening to Broadway musical songs. She previously worked for the largest automotive dealership in the Philippines as an Advertising Specialist and is her first time to work in a BPO company. Czarina accepted the challenge as she has a passion for learning new things in her field while at the same time enabling her grow and adapt. We are very happy to welcome Czarina to the OHRS team.



Outsourced HR Solution would like to introduce you to Earvin who is working with an Australian client writing reviews, content and managing the social media and online shopping web sites of our partner. Earvin passions are going to the gym, film photography/lomography, runway and print modeling, traveling, music, movies, reality shows and TV Series, blogging, shoes, clothes, beach bumming, outdoor adventures and buffets. He also loves dogs and currently has eight dogs that he looking after.

Earvin’s background is writing articles for product features as well as blog entries in WordPress and BlogSpot. Earvin also has basic HTML knowledge for linking keywords to provided website links and editing codes for blog entries and has also worked on Social Media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+. With an eye for detail acquired from previous copy editing and current Social Media moderator background, Earvin was excited to join OHRS and work directly for an Australian client.


Outsourced Hr Solution

OHRS is pleased to introduce Godofredo or Fred as he likes to be called. Fred joined us as a Lead Generator and Appointment Setter and is working for two Australian Franchisees on the Sunshine Coast and Canberra to research company owners and make appointments over the phone for the sales team.

Fred has an extensive background in the BPO industry and brings to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge in appointment setting. Fred loved the “family type atmosphere” that he found at OHRS which was his motivation to follow up and eventually join our team.


We would like you to meet Marc, Social Media Executive for a large company on the Gold Coast in Australia. Marc loves fixing things like computers, camera’s and doing home repairs and also likes doing photography in his spare time, searching the web and watching English movies.

Marc has been working as a Digital Marketing specialist since 2013 and has built up his skill sets to include SEO, graphic design, content writing and is a very good all rounder when it comes to Digital Marketing. Marc is also very happy to lend a hand and offer training and coaching to his fellow team mates. As all of our team work for a specific client in Australia or New Zealand, being assigned to an international company has given Marc the opportunity to take charge of and restructure the companies online presence and digital marketing. A challenge that Marc is very qualified and excited to take on.


Introducing Karen, Debt Recovery Officer for the National Head Office of Bartercard in Australia. Karen is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and has spent the last 3 years working as a Collections Specialist in a BPO on behalf of a British Credit Card Company that has clients in the U.K. and USA.

Karen’s job is to take charge as Debt Recovery Officer for Bartercard. Collections is one of the most challenging aspects of running any business, recovering unpaid fees from delinquent customers, tracking down defaulters who owe money and negotiate payment terms. A tough and rewarding job.


OHRS would like to introduce April, Trade Coordinator for Bartercard South Gold Coast. April is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has spent the last 10 years teaching at an ISO certified school, teaching Bookkeeping and Computer Secretarial as well as supervise different departments including the curricular activities of the school.

April joined OHRS to diversify her career and work for an international company. Working and living in the Philippines, April’s role is to support and help the Bartercard South Gold Coast to trade and service their client base.


OHRS introduces Ryan, our new Sales & Marketing Executive for Ruby Communications on the Gold Coast. Ryan has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management. Ryan has been working in the BPO industry for many years doing sales and marketing, mainly focusing on U.S. clients.

Ryan decided to move from evening shifts to daytime shifts and that’s how he found OHRS. Ryan’s main role is to generate leads for Ruby Communication and turn those leads into qualified appointments and ultimately sales. Wishing Ryan, the very best of luck.