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Special offer for Small Business Expo partners, FREE on boarding & recruitment fee.

You’re reached this page because you are a partner of Small Business Expos and we have a great offer for you – Free on-boarding and sett up fees. That’s right, we are offering for a limited time only, to waive the upfront set up fees just for Small Business Expos. Outsourcing back-office administrative tasks to the Philippines increase your business profits as offshore staff saves you 2/3 or more of what you’d pay if you hired a local staff member. To date, most businesses believe that outsourcing is for large multinationals or fortune 500 companies with… Read more “Special offer for Small Business Expo partners, FREE on boarding & recruitment fee.”

The Best Outsourcing Company for You

Offshore staff hard at work

Choosing the best outsourcing company to work with depends mostly on three factors: competence, culture, and country. Below we outline why. Competence of the Outsourcing Company and Your Offshore Staff The most basic requirement you look for is, of course, competence. The outsourcing company you choose should be able to give you what you need and should be able to do that in the best way possible. If you need an extra person to edit videos for you, you can choose to hire internally and locally or have the position outsourced and offshored. Outsourcing can be more affordable. But how… Read more “The Best Outsourcing Company for You”

Outsourcing in the Philippines?

Outsource Virtual Assistants

The Question Is: Why do BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Companies choose to hire Filipinos for their offshore staffing needs?Outsourcing in the Philippines remains in the number 1 crowned position as the “BPO Capital of the World” and continues to be the home of many BPO companies in the Philippines and is growing, consistently attracting new foreign investors and even more so these days as the Philippine Government or DICT has given their commitment to support the country to develop and grow this sector. In this blog we review the question, why do Australian &… Read more “Outsourcing in the Philippines?”

5 Reasons why Graphic Design is Important

Offshore Graphic Designer

Some businesses, especially the traditional ones no matter how big and established they are, still do not recognize the importance of investing in good graphic design work. Maybe one of the reasons is, they tend to avoid the risk of spending too much without assurance of increasing the brand’s recognition or ROI. This is why small and medium businesses are rapidly getting ahead of the game because they perceive graphic design and company branding to be as important as sales, which is why they also prioritize graphic design. The brand’s packaging should include such items as logos, brochures, advertisement and… Read more “5 Reasons why Graphic Design is Important”

10 Reasons Why Clark is your Best Outsourcing Location

Virtual Assistants Offshore

Over the last few years, Philippines has already surpassed India as the number 1 destination for BPO Companies. Dubbed as one of the largest growing industries, outsourcing has helped the Philippine economy and accounts for an average of 2.4% increase in the country’s GDP. As the outsourcing sector started to prosper, one of the places in the Philippines which continues to thrive and is currently the hotspot in the outsourcing industry is Clark, the neighboring city north west of Manila. But the question is, why should these outsourcing companies choose Clark over Manila when there’s a lot of great opportunities… Read more “10 Reasons Why Clark is your Best Outsourcing Location”

Lead Generator & Appointment Setter

Lead Generator & Appointment Setter

Do you have the time to be a Lead Generator & Appointment Setter to call prospects to make appointments? This is a very time-consuming job, yet an extremely critical task to grow the business. Lead Generating and Appointment Setting has become a very popular item to outsource. Lead Generators and Appointments setters come in different shapes and sizes and can be both voice and none voice. By outsourcing this task, you and your team can focus on generating income rather that walking the street looking for people to pitch to. There are several kinds of lead generators, here are the… Read more “Lead Generator & Appointment Setter”

Trevor Russell interviews Tony Godbehere

Top Australian Outsourcing Company

In this video Trevor Russell, sales trainer and public speaker, speaks to Tony Godbehere and some of the Offshore Team about outsourcing and why smart business owners around Australia are turning to offshoring in the Philippines to increase profits as well as productivity. For a lot of business owners, Outsourcing is a foreign concept that they believe is restricted to larger corporations. This use to be the case, however, with the birth of Business Process Outsourcing Companies, small, medium and large businesses can now tap into this lucrative business concept with ease and transform the way their company does business. The… Read more “Trevor Russell interviews Tony Godbehere”

The Culture of a Top Australian Outsourcing or BPO Company

Virtual Assistants

BPO Company Culture Are you planning to engage in outsourcing for your business? Or are you planning to work in the BPO Industry? Or are you curious about what it’s like to work for a BPO company and perhaps you’ve seen one while in transit on the way to work or know someone in the industry? The decision to work for a BPO could be a bit overwhelming especially if you don’t have any idea about the processes and technicalities of the BPO industry. The first step you might want to consider is, to check on the working… Read more “The Culture of a Top Australian Outsourcing or BPO Company”

BPO Culture Fun in the Sun at Inflatable Island

BPO Culture Team at the beach

At Outsourced HR Solution, we make sure that there’s a time for work and time for enjoyment as part of our Australian BPO Culture. We believe in work-life balance and prioritizing the employee’s welfare to keep them inspired and motivated, plus we love to have a bit of fun in the sun. With this, Outsourced HR Solution makes leisure activities an important part of our mission, vision and culture to ensure our team are always happy and content, and remember “we don’t live to work, we work to live” so we make sure that fun is the definitely on… Read more “BPO Culture Fun in the Sun at Inflatable Island”

What is the difference between a Business Process Outsourcing Company (BPO Company) and a Call Center?

Virtual Assistants

We often hear the words “BPO” and “Call Center” in today’s society, but up until now, many people tend to interchange the definition of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company and Call Center. Since most Call Center agents usually claim that they are working for a BPO company rather than working for a Call Center. Basically this is politically correct, and can also be incorrect. In this article we will determine if Call Center and BPO has the same purpose, or is there a major difference between the two. General Terms Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company is a firm… Read more “What is the difference between a Business Process Outsourcing Company (BPO Company) and a Call Center?”

Outsourcing Companies From An Employee’s Perspective

Man at desk web designer

There have been discussions regarding the different advantages of working with  outsourcing companies and most of them focus on the company who is outsourcing, such as; saving on recruitment fees, reducing overheads, office space, increasing efficiency and profits. These are just to name a few advantages of outsourcing which help small, medium and large businesses around the world to expand and save. People see outsourcing as an alternative to hiring locally because of high salaries. Filipino’s love outsourcing since it provides additional jobs aside from local employment although, outsourcing from the Philippines and pays more than… Read more “Outsourcing Companies From An Employee’s Perspective”

Virtual Assistant – What are they?

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a skilled professional who can accomplish a diverse range of tasks offshore such as; administrative, graphic design, event planning, social media management, marketing and advertising research for the benefit of small, medium and large companies. Do I need to hire Virtual Assistant for my Business?   If you are concerned about your local employees who may avoid doing some tasks, hiring a Virtual Assistants is the next step for you. As Michael Brodie said, “For every task that you don’t like doing, there is a Virtual Assistants who does like doing it.” VA’s can alleviate tasks… Read more “Virtual Assistant – What are they?”

Outsourcing Has Increased in Popularity

Australian Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing companies have become increasingly popular for small, medium and large companies that want to save cash and grow their team. Offshore employees solves both of these important business areas with the Philippines becoming the number 1 destination of choice when it comes to the outsourcing industry. It is certain that outsourcing has helped small and medium businesses over the past few years to grow their business and profits, something that use to be only done or accessible by larger corporations. Australian Outsourcing Companies in particular have increased in numbers and are providing the opportunity to save… Read more “Outsourcing Has Increased in Popularity”

Outsourcing – Is it good or bad for the Australian economy?

As with everything in life, it’s how you look at things that makes the difference. Is the cup “half empty” or “half full”, are you “not bad” first thing in the morning or “fantastic, doing great”? It’s very easy to comment that outsourcing is taking away local jobs, but is it really? Let’s look at offshoring from the angle of how it helps the local economy, putting outsourcing into a positive perspective. And don’t forget, just about every large corporation in the world outsources something in their organization. By having an open mind and moving away from the traditional business… Read more “Outsourcing – Is it good or bad for the Australian economy?”

Outsourced HR Solution a true BPO

Outsourced HR Solution

Many people confuse BPO’s (Business Process Outsourcing) companies with Call Centers as there are some similarities; and what is even more confusing is, some call centers can also be a BPO. Let’s clarify what OHRS does and how we operate as a BPO. Read more “Outsourced HR Solution a true BPO”

Trevor Russel talks about Outsourcing & OHRS

Russell Trevor discusses outsourcing

Are you concerned about the rising costs of running your business along with declining sales? Then outsourcing could be the solution for you. Trevor Russel talks about how outsourcing your back-end office functions overseas to Outsourced HR Solution can save you up to 65% on wages compared to what you’d pay on local salaries, plus outsourcing frees up your time to work on your business and generate new sales. Read more “Trevor Russel talks about Outsourcing & OHRS”

Welcome to our blog

The world of outsourcing is a blog where we are going to share some serious BPO stuff and some of our real-life fun stuff.

After all, there is a time to work hard and a time to enjoy what you’ve worked for. These are the real stories about business process outsourcing and the people behind the success of OHRS. Enjoy !! Read more “Welcome to our blog”